Story Behind the Song: Come to the Water

By Lisa Saunders
September 7, 2016

come-to-the-water-smallCome to the Water was meant to capture easy, breezy beach feels…to take you on a tropical journey to sun and sea.
However, the song started to develop new meaning on a recent camping trip to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park north of Winnipeg, where I was planning to write this post.
On Saturday August 20, the day after we got settled into our camping spot...READ MORE

Story Behind the Song: Fragile Saints

By Lisa Saunders
August 8, 2016

fragile-saints-sm Fragile Saints reflects a time when we had our house smudged.
It was June 2013, and the ceremony happened while I was away for a birthday celebration with my friends Karen, Bobbi and Nicole in Las Vegas. While we were drinking spirits in Vegas, our kind healer was clearing spirits from our home.
Our smudge practitioner was recommended to our family by my good friend, Andrea...READ MORE

Story Behind the Song: Children Behave

By Lisa Saunders
June 1, 2016

childrenbehave2 This story of Children Behave begins with a broken dustpan. One that was smashed to smithereens in a moment of anger by yours truly.
The dustpan’s only crime was getting caught under the back door as I was trying to leave the house for some now long-forgotten event. I had a baby and a toddler, and trying to get anywhere on time was usually a challenge...READ MORE

Story Behind the Song: Cold Steel

By Lisa Saunders
May 5, 2016

coldsteeltiny Is it possible to be friends with someone, and not be friends at the same time?
Cold Steel
is about a person that I tried to be friends with. Despite all those Facebook memes about not chasing after people, and walking away from those who don’t make an effort to reciprocate your friendship and love, I did the opposite - despite the fact this person wasn’t overly warm to me...READ MORE

Story Behind the Song: Torch

By Lisa Saunders
April 24, 2016

torch1 You can only shield your child from hard truths for so long.
Before you know it, they start growing up and realizing the larger meaning of painful subjects like death and terminal disease. Plus, they start to truly comprehend all the euphemisms you’ve used over the years, like ‘passed away’, ‘is at peace’, and ‘is in heaven now'...READ MORE

Story Behind the Song: Hot Goods

By Lisa Saunders
April 7, 2016

hot-goods-tiny When we were in high school, our English teacher Mr. Pehura asked our class a question. It went something along the lines of “what is the most important quality when it comes to choosing a mate?”
Going up and down the rows, everyone had a chance to answer. Mr. Pehura heard all the mostly pragmatic responses...READ MORE


Story Behind the Song: Mr. Chill

By Lisa Saunders
March 29, 2016

mr-chill-tinySometimes it seems like we spend our lives swerving to avoid things. At least in this part of the world, where the weather often varies between two extremes: sizzling hot or wind chill-induced cold. In the summer, we Manitobans navigate our way through pothole-filled streets, and in the winter, maneuver our vehicles through icy ruts while trying not to slide into other cars and ditches...READ MORE

'Behind' our new CD cover

By Lisa Saunders
March 23, 2016

non-stop chillout popGoogle "chill lounge CD cover" and what do you get?
Sexy ladies on a beach. Heels. Breasts. Lingerie. Skin...and lots of it.
As the female half of our chillout project, Ashes and Dreams, I get an instant thud in my heart every time I see this imbalance...